Monday, November 16, 2009

Tanner Coon is home

Tanner is home! He has been serving a mission in Salta Argentina for the past two years and on Nov 11 HE got home. It was a great experience. I will have to post some pictures soon! my family including lisa went. Lisa is part of our family ha! It was great though ill post em soon!
Love him

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So Cedar City is doing this new thing called World of Dance, the mayor is funding it. But it is where mulit cultural dance groups get together and put on a show. Waukeenyans are in it, but unfortunately the other night doing thriller at the howl we did a lift and the girl we lift kinda face planted it and got really hurt. She is getting surgery on her wrist on Wed and she has to get a root canal because her front tooth died from hitting the nerves so freakin hard. Poor thing, she will be ok but we have to space her out of all the routines and everything, even are competition routine which by the way is totally dope. We perform world of dance next weekend on Fri and Sat night, So if anyones comin to cedar come watch! ha! I doubt any of you are though! But thats kind of whats going on with the team right now, I have a lot of dance ahead of me, school and work I have so many big projects coming up its all kind of overwhelming but there is not a darn thing I can do about it! Love you all! xoxo


So I am Just sitting at work. Blah! Got to love it thought at least I have a job. So if most of you dont know I work at curves, its a gym for women only. It targets all ages of women but its a great work out! If you ever wanna join a gym i highly recommend it. It consits of cardio and strength training and a thirty minute circuit! The machines are hydro machines so they pump water so they are not as hard on your bones. This is a great way to lose weight, feel great, and build stgronger muscle and bone! Love your curves ladies!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

So me and the girls dressed up as Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Ha There were like 6 of us, it was pretty cute! Quick and easy, but we had fun!

The Howl

Ahh, the howl was pretty cool. We did thriller and we did awesome! One of our girls got hurt so that might be a little set back but we hope she gets better soon. It went way good though!!


This is the dance we did at homecoming, it was called cowboy up. The SUU theme this year was cowboys ha! It was fun. My parents got to come down, they always do for homecoming but i have missed them so it was good. I have not been able to go home in quite a while so its nice when family can come visit! Love you guys!

Football Season

So life is good, these are a few pictures from a recent football game the team had. Thought I would share them! Slap of the bass. Ya man